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(Aaron P. Bernstein /Getty Images)

From The IndyStar:

“Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma, an Indianapolis Republican and one of the state’s most powerful politicians, paid a law firm more than $40,000 in campaign funds this year in part to gather unflattering information about the former intern. Family members of the woman claim Bosma’s attorney threatened to reveal the unfavorable information about her if her account became public and to expose her name even if news organizations withheld it.

The woman, who was 20 at the time, did not accuse Bosma of a crime. Bosma denies the encounter took place. And the defense lawyer he hired, Linda Pence, denies the family’s claims and says she acted appropriately in investigating the allegation about her client.”

WIBC hosts The Chicks on the Right discussed the allegations Thursday morning:


“No criminal behavior has been alleged, so what is the problem?”


“Is there a rule that you can’t pump a Democratic intern? It’s not like she was underage. It’s sleazy, but it’s not illegal.”


“Yeah, but now the IndyStar is alleging that he was attempting to intimidate her.”


“So the investigation by the IndyStar is what ultimately led Bosma to allegedly hire an attorney to intimidate her, which is where we are now. 


“Now, while it’s not illegal, if I donate to a campaign, I might not want my money to go to paying to cover up something that happened in 1992.”


“But I guess he would argue that it’s campaign related and he needs to protect his position.”

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