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Uh oh; liberals are pissed at Trump again.

The President announced he would sign a compromise border security measure Friday with only hours to spare before parts of the government shut down Saturday.

Liberals: “Hooray! We beat him! No Wall! Now we’re ready to move forward in a bi-partisan manner for the benefit of all Americans.” 

The President also affirmed that he would declare a national emergency to repurpose funds from other parts of the government and spend $8 billion for barriers along the southern border without congressional approval.

Liberals: “Screw you, you orange, racist, Nazi bastard! We’ll see you in court!”

The uproar over Trump’s emergency declaration and an inevitable legal challenge from democrats casts an uncertain shadow on the battle between the White House and lawmakers over border security. Fox News host Leland Vittert joined WIBC host Tony Katz to discuss what happens next.


“The President doesn’t have a successful track record in being able to pull off these kinds of things when he attempts to override congress and do things via executive action; for example, the travel ban did not work out well for the administration. So conceivably, the democrats in congress could end this pretty quickly through a legal challenge.

The other thing the President and his team are going to be forced to answer is, these laws were designed for national emergencies, when you had a real crisis such as 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina. They were designed to give the President the power to ram through his agenda when he can’t get it done any other way.”

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