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WASHINGTON, D.C.–Finding a cure for diabetes could save you money because of what the government spends on research and care. A teenager representing Indiana wants Congress to renew the Special Diabetes Program, which puts $150 million in taxpayer money into research for a cure every year.

Noah Guffey, who represents southern Indiana and Kentucky for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, says it’s worth it.

“I’m going to Washington, D.C. to have the legislators hear my voice and hopefully sign off on the bill that would renew the SDP,” he said. 

Guffey said he’s had Type I diabetes since 2010, when he was diagnosed just two days after Christmas. Since then, his life has been one of careful monitoring, and a lot of needles. They’re used for monitoring blood sugar and for insulin shots, which he needs to keep careful control of his glucose level.

“It always starts wih breakfast. If you mess up at breakfast, it has the opportunity to throw your whole day off,” said Guffey. 


He hopes his story, and the testimony he gives in front of Congress Wednesday, will help convince them to renew the program.

“The research is so expensive that it’s gonna take a longer time if we don’t have this bill because we’d have to raise it all by ourselves.”

Lauren Cox, Baylor University Women’s Basketball Player and 2019 NCAA Champion; Victor Garber, Emmy® and Tony® nominated actor; Christina Martin, professional dancer, motivational speaker and American Ninja Warrior; Ryan Reed, NASCAR Driver; Adam Schefter, sports broadcaster and NFL Analyst for ESPN; Jennifer Stone, actress; Derek Theler, actor; and Fiona Wylde, professional stand-up paddler and windsurfer, are expected to be there to lend some help to the 150 children and teenagers present the case for research funding.

PHOTO: Niklas Hallen/Getty Images