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Life in the 21st Century is tough going at times, and many Americans struggle with the oppressive levels of stress that are associated with living in modern society. Single parents grapple with the responsibility of being the sole primary caretaker and financial provider for the family. Cancer patients wrestle against a horrific disease that ravages the body bit-by-bit. 2020 Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg can’t find a major airport that’s a convenient driving distance from South Bend. 

Pete Buttigieg has spent roughly $300,000 on private jet travel this year, more than any other Democrat running for the White House, according to an analysis of campaign finance data. That might appear to conflict with Buttigieg’s supposed image as a “Rust Belt mayor who embodies frugality and Midwestern modesty,” but don’t worry, Pete’s campaign can explain (i.e. spin) everything. Yes, there’s actually a very simple explanation for all of this: the airport is too far.

“We are careful with how we spend our money, and we fly commercial as often as possible,” Buttigieg spokesman Chris Meagher said Wednesday. “We only fly non-commercial when the schedule dictates.”

Okay, so reduce your carbon footprint and take care of the planet – unless, of course, your schedule is jam-packed and you have really important things to do… and Pete’s trying to win an election. Well then, get Mayor Pete a private jet; he’s doing the Lord’s work!

WIBC host Tony Katz commented on the Mayor Pete Private Plane Controversy on Friday’s show. Click below to hear what he had to say.