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WASHINGTON — Congress reconvened this week after taking a break for the summer and lawmakers returned with a long list of issues that need to be addressed. 

Guns are probably the hottest topic, with many lawmakers calling for stricter gun laws to help keep guns out of the hands to those who have the potential to cause mass shootings.

Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun is again urging Congress to look to Indiana as an example of “common sense” gun legislation.

“Red flag laws. We’ve had them in Indiana. They work,” Braun said on MSNBC. “They actually lower the rate of suicide. I’m also for background checks where there is any looseness to where there is a commercial sale, there can’t be exemptions.”

Lawmakers have to toe a fine line, Braun said, or else it gets to the point where the government starts infringing on Second Amendment rights. Braun said that’s something Congress must avoid.

Braun also said any gun legislation, such as red flag laws, passed by Congress in the next few months would likely not have the support of President Trump. He urged the president to reconsider.

Another pressing issue for lawmakers is the budget. The federal fiscal year ends Sept. 30.  If the fiscal year ends without a budget agreement in place, the government could shut down.

“We cannot shut the government down,” Braun said. “On the other hand, we have to start reining in these trillion-dollar deficits.”

(PHOTO: Scott Olson/Getty Images)