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(Kathryn Scott Osler/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

This week Jason Richey the City Council candidate from District 22 & Capri Kendall join Dr. Root and Ethan Hatcher in the studio. Jason Richey shares his qualifications for city council and his plans to help make INDY greater! Also a shocking ruling against Leo Lech from a Federal Appeals court merits contemplation– an armed shoplifter had broken into the Lech residence back in 2015 while attempting to evade police. When the suspect barricaded himself in the bathroom police led an assault on the home which culminated in an armored vehicle driving through the home. This resulted in the house being demolished and over $400,000 in damages that are left on a family which had nothing to do with the suspect or his crime. Tune in to the show this week for a discussion on this and a rundown on the Democratic primary prospects as things heat up while some campaigns wind down– don’t miss the show!