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Mark the date and credit WIBC’s Jason Hammer with another lead pipe lock prediction that turned out to be true: Nigel bought his kids a subscription to Disney Plus. 

Big Nige swore up and down it would never happen – NO WAY! He was the one parent in the continental United States who wouldn’t give in to the demands of the oppressive “New Mouse Order!”

Yes, and then, like a gal who swears up and down that she’s NOT attracted to your best friend and then sleeps with him the night before the wedding, our pal Nige gave it up to Mickey & Minnie for $6.99 per month without batting an eye.

Yes, after Nige was confronted on his Disney Plus flip-flop, our brave terrestrial broadcast hero blamed the grandparents and Baby Yoda in a desperate attempt to save face. 

Nigel makes his startling confession in the clip below from today’s Hammer and Nigel show.