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(Hyoung Chang / Contributor/Getty Images)

Troops deployed overseas won’t have to wait as long as the rest of us to see the latest Star Wars film, and they won’t have to pay either.

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ will be shown at free screenings in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and “undisclosed locations in Southwest Asia” starting Dec. 18, two days before it is released in the U.S., accordinng to officials with the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and

“Bringing a blockbuster movie like ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ to deployed troops during the holidays is a big morale boost,” Tom Shull, head of AAFES, said in a release as reported by “These service members are away from family and friends during this special time of year — and seeing a big release at the same time it’s being shown back home strengthens their connection with family and friends and eases the tensions of deployment.”

Meanwhile, America is desperately anticipating the release of the all-new Baby Yoda merchandise (Because Disney needs more money in its coffers). Unfortunately, the merch won’t be hitting store shelves until Spring 2020. Solution: Parents and savvy online sellers are creating DIY Yodas! 

“Mmm! Trademark violation it is!” – Baby Yoda