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Tuesday evening’s WAY too long Democratic debate was a first-class snoozefest. 

The first actual votes of the 2020 Presidential campaign will be cast on February 3, and Tuesday evening the six leading Democratic hopefuls took the stage for their final (Thank God) debate before the Iowa caucuses.

Considering the fact that we’re a mere three weeks away from Iowa’s contest, this should have been the most lively and spirited debate yet. Instead, it was universally panned by Republicans and Democrats alike.


In a week of historic consequences, as Congress moves towards the third presidential impeachment in the nation’s history, this debate was primarily a very dull affair packed with stump speeches and contenders going through zombified motions.  

New York Post:

When the Democratic debate started Tuesday night, I was young, carefree, merry. Two hours later, when it ended, I was praying to the Almighty for a swift end to my suffering. I felt like I was 103 years old — or even older, like one of the early patriarchs in the Bible. All the life had been sucked out of my body.

Donald Trump:

“You know, I’m supposed to watch. It’s like my job — try and watch the competition. But it’s like watching death.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough & Mika Brzezinski:

The hosts of “Morning Joe” issued stinging criticism Wednesday of the CNN Democratic debate in Iowa, calling it “painful” that the candidates were “bickering” about a two-year-old conversation in which Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., alleges that Sen. Bernie  Sanders, I-Vt., told her a female candidate cannot defeat President Trump in 2020.

National Review:

On the menu today is just a big review of why last night’s debate was pretty terrible — not for partisan or ideological reasons, but for the way it offered the viewers watching at home the soothing balm that the next president won’t face any truly difficult decisions — and a reminder that we were supposed to be in Armageddon by now.

Political Commentator Frank Luntz on CNBC:

“Of all the debates this year, I found it to be the most boring. There were no losers, but there weren’t any big winners either.”

To be fair, President Donald Trump set the bar pretty high in 2016 for entertainment value in political debates.

WIBC host Tony Katz found Tuesday’s debate to be equally pointless and grueling to watch. Click below to hear his scathing review of the evening’s event.