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(Edward Berthelot / Contributor/Getty Images)

Well, hearts be broken into little bitty pieces. It looks like all-American girl-next-door Pamela Anderson is calling off her marriage to movie mogul John Peters.

The couple gave it their best shot. They tried going to therapy, but it just didn’t take. 

Thus, it is with sadness and disappointment that the couple has decided to split a mere 12 days into their marriage. Actually, that’s inaccurate. The Hollywood Reporter stated that the pair has decided to “uncouple.”

“I have been moved by the warm reception to Jon and my union. We would be very grateful for your support as we take some time apart to reevaluate what we want from life and from one another,” Anderson said in a statement.

“Life is a journey and love is a process. With that universal truth in mind, we have mutually decided to put off the formalization of our marriage certificate and put our faith in the process.”

“Thank you for respecting our privacy,” she added.

A source close to the couple told Fox News: “She’s known Jon forever, but she never lived with him, contrary to some reports. And until you live with someone… Well, let’s just say Pamela asked for a break. She is heading back to her compound in Ladysmith, Canada, to be with her family.”

The Chicks on the Right offer some words of encouragement (or was it ridicule?) to Pam and Jon in the clip below.