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Jeffrey A. Jones, Herb Baumeister victim

Source: Hamilton County’s Coroner’s Office / WRTV

More human remains were recovered at the former home of Herb Baumeister and investigators say the remains have been identified by the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office.

Hamilton County Coroner Jeff Jellison said the human remains originally recovered in 1996 from Baumeister’s Fox Hollow Farm in Westfield have been identified as Jeffrey A. Jones. Jones was reported missing in August 1993. His last known address was in Fillmore, Indiana which is in Putnam County.

The remains of Jeffrey A. Jones are the third to be identified from Jellison’s renewed investigation into the more than 10,000 remains that were found at Fox Hollow Farm.

The process of identifying the thousands of bones and bone fragments found on the property has not been easy.

“These remains are 30 years old. They’ve been burnt, they’ve been crushed, so that makes our DNA efforts difficult,” Jellison said.

Baumeister is suspected of killing at least 25 young men, most of whom were last seen at gay bars in Indianapolis, and investigators believe he could be behind the disappearance of many more.

Police zeroed in on Baumeister in the summer of 1996 following his own son’s discovery of a skull in the family’s backyard. With a warrant out for his arrest, Baumeister, a once-prominent businessman fled, fled across the Canadian border and committed suicide.