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Jon Stewart is not the same man we know from the past. This is not the guy who was taking on Paul Bagala and Tucker Carlson back in the day. This is not the guy who literally educated a generation from “The Daily Show”. Stewart has done fascinating work in terms of getting people their just due that were hurt from September 11th, and helping veterans their just due who were hurt from burn pits. But Stewart has changed.  He has decided to lose himself in leftism.

Tony Katz:

He made the decision, like Howard Stern made the decision, like some many made the decision, that somehow the success means that anything you say must be accurate, as opposed to measuring what it is that you say.

Many in Congress, and some Democrats, are angered by Joe Biden’s betrayal of Jewish state by halting ammunition shipments to Israel. What does Stewart do? He mocks them. (below time code 8:52)

Not every Democrat is with the President. John Fetterman is the voice of reason. But Jon Stewart wants to mock conservatives’ disgust with Biden taking the side of terrorists.

Tony Katz:

Jon Stewart has lost the plot. It’s a war, and you are not more moral. The thing that we see from the college campuses, and the things that you see from the Jon Stewarts goes to the idea that somehow that they have a morality that you do not, that they have a decency that you do not, that they have an understanding that you do not. And on all three counts they are wrong. It is not moral to lend support to a terrorist organization. It is not moral to tell a nation that they should suffer at the hands of that terrorist organization. It is not good, and it is not decent, and it is not intellect. It is a warping of a rational point of view. And the rational point of view is, “You have to put an end with those who want to end you.” There is no living in peace with Hamas.

The fact that Hamas integrates itself within a civilian population, that they hide behind women and children is even more reason that they have to be ended. Jon Stewart’s argument is that this is ugly, but he doesn’t have an answer. If his answer is to “stop”, that won’t bring peace because stopping doesn’t stop anything, it just stops Israel, and Hamas keeps going.

Tony Katz:

Your argument is that Israel should just take it. Your argument is that just somehow you can find a way because you believe yourself more moral, and more decent, and somehow kinder. But none of those things are true. You simply don’t accept reality. Hamas doesn’t want peace. Hamas wants Israel gone and then America is next.

In summation:

 Only the most arrogant television host wouldn’t see that.

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