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The story from yesterday’s primary election isn’t who “won” the nominations. Most of the “winners” only won with pluralities, and not majorities. That means that the majority of voters voted against the “winner”. Not all “winners” are even with us. The “winner” of the Republican House race for Indiana’s 7th is deceased.

This was also a low turnout primary. We’re all told in low turnout elections that the base decides the races. Yet, with most nominees getting mere pluralities, it’s unclear if the candidates were able to capture that base.

There is a lack of leadership in the Indiana Republican party. The leader of the party is the executive in charge. The rudderless 8 years of Holcomb has left the state party fractured.

Tony Katz:

We’re going to take a look at you (Holcomb) and this party. This stand for nothing party, this speak out for nothing party, this share no principle party, this party of “Hey, why should I, the governor, be the guy who puts forth a conservative message? Just let it all be about Trump”… Leadership is not the abdication of responsibility. You didn’t endorse in the governor’s race because you didn’t want to pick sides… Suzanne Crouch has every reason to hate you, and I think Brad Chambers has a couple of good reasons too. You didn’t look at any race and say, “That’s not how we do things here,” when it comes to what happened in the 5th district. Nothing from the Governor.

While there’s a lot to take from these primaries, Tony will always remember it as the primary that proved that Eric Holcomb is not interested in leading. He’s just interested in shaking a hand, taking a picture, and getting out. What a waste.

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