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Former president Donald Trump’s campaign is asking GOP candidates and committees to share a portion of their fundraising haul when using his name, image and likeness in campaign ads.

In a letter this week, Trump’s presidential campaign asked all down-ballot GOP campaigns for at least a 5% cut of the money raised from advertising that features the party’s 2024 presumptive White House nominee.

“We ask that all candidates and committees who choose to use President Trump’s name, image, and likeness split a minimum of 5% of all fundraising solicitations to Trump National Committee JFC,” said the April 15 letter signed by campaign co-campaign managers Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita.

They also added that any amount higher than 5% “will be seen favorably” by Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC), encouraging campaigns to consider providing a higher percentage.

In addition, LaCivita and Wiles outlined ways to avoid using language that impersonates the Trump campaign or incorrectly implies a candidate or committee is speaking on behalf of the former president.

“Any vendors whose clients ignore the guidelines mentioned above will be held responsible for their clients’ actions,” the two wrote. “Repeated violations will result in the suspension of business relationships between the vendor and Trump National Committee JFC. This includes list rental agreements.”

The request for a percentage of candidates’ fundraising comes as Trump and his campaign lag behind Biden in terms of fundraising for the 2024 election. The letter was also sent the same week Trump’s hush-money trial began in New York. Trump’s trial will greatly hinder his ability to campaign with just seven months left before the election in November.