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Caitlin Clark’s welcome to Indianapolis started very awkwardly with IndyStar sports reporter Gregg Doyel:

Reporter: 🫶

Caitlin Clark: “You like that?”

Reporter: “I like that you’re here.”

Caitlin: “Yeah, I do that at my family after every game.”

Reporter: “Start doing it to me and we’ll get along just fine.”

Caitlin: 😳

(via @IndianaFever / YT) ~ NY Post

Reaction was quick, and Doyle posted the following:

Which then was followed by his apology, non-apology.

I’m devastated to realize I’m part of the problem. I screwed up Wednesday during my first interaction with No. 1 overall draft pick Caitlin Clark of the Indiana Fever. ~ Gregg Doyel

So, while the press has had fun at Doyel’s expense, the bigger story is his “apology”, where he collectively apologizes and says he’s “part of the problem”.

Tony Katz:

The question is “what problem are you referring to?” Because I’m not part of a problem. I haven’t done anything wrong. You dear people listening on WIBC, you’re not part of a problem, you haven’t done anything wrong.  What problem are you a part of Gregg Doyel? Or is this yet another example of your inability understand that you made a mistake plain and simple. You see the problem is toxic masculinity perhaps? “Ah, you see we don’t know how to talk to women.” What’s this we crap? We don’t have a problem, you do. Part of the problem, what does that even mean?

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