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Officer Breann Leath and her child pose in front of a patrol car

Source: PHOTO: Provided by IMPD

INDIANAPOLIS — The man convicted of killing an Indianapolis police officer four years ago will spend over two decades behind bars.

“Court will sentence the defendant to a total sentence of 40 years on count two,” said Judge Mark Stoner during the end of Thursday’s Elliahs Dorsey sentencing hearing, “the court will suspend 15 of those years for 25 years executed.”

Dorsey was found guilty but mentally ill in February for shooting and killing Indianapolis Metro Police Officer Breann Leath in April of 2020. Dorsey’s attorneys established a long, complex history of mental health issues, as acknowledged by Judge Stoner Thursday.

That was a significant contributing factor to Dorsey’s sentencing.

Judge Stoner left a message for Officer Leath’s family, “up to this point, you’ve never been able to get away from how she died. I hope that that happens for you. It will take a long time. Some of you may be able to forgive. Most of you will never be able to forget, and no one expects that.”

Thursday’s sentencing hearing lasted 14 hours, with additional testimony given before Elliahs Dorsey was sentenced.

A statement from Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears: “I want to acknowledge our trial team and the women and men of the prosecutor’s office, who, alongside IMPD, have worked to pursue justice for Breann, the surviving victim, and their families. Our thoughts are with Zayn, Jennifer, and Tommy who have demonstrated such strength and resilience throughout an unimaginably difficult process. As we move forward, let’s reflect on Breann’s exemplary legacy and sacrifice.”