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Let’s get to the bottom of farting. Everybody passes gas—it’s a natural part of being human. But what causes it, and how many a day is “normal”?

Gas comes from two sources: air and real gas. Air, which is mostly odorless, results from swallowing. Real gas is produced when bacteria in the colon ferments food. This process generates gas that takes up space and can be more noticeable. That gas has to go somewhere, so…pffffft, squeak, honk and pblllwwh.

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How Many Farts A Day Is Normal?

Dr. William Chey, a gastroenterology professor at the University of Michigan, emphasizes that passing gas between five and 15 times per day is totally normal. Factors like diet and gut bacteria influence how much gas you produce and its smell.

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Why Do Some Farts Smell?

People are different in terms of the way that their gastrointestinal tract functions. For this reason, some odors are more pungent than others. He who smelt it, dealt it? That’s false but experts say there are not any smells that are red flags. Instead, focus on bowel movement frequency and texture.

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Gas isn’t the best indicator of gut health.

Certain foods, like beans and those high in FODMAPs (short-chain carbohydrates), can lead to excessive gas. Foods high in FODMAPs include certain vegetables, fruits, starches and dairy products. These foods are poorly absorbed by the small intestine, causing gas, bloating and sometimes diarrhea. However, you should keep an eye out for unintentional weight loss, blood in your stool or changes in bowel habits.

If gas becomes problematic, consult a doctor. They may suggest dietary changes. Keeping a fart diary can help identify patterns. Over-the-counter remedies like simethicone or probiotics might also provide relief.

Remember, breaking wind is a normal bodily function. And, if you have the humor of a 14-year-old, they triumphantly announce their arrival with pride!