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Joe Flacco Signs with Colts

Source: Indianapolis Colts

INDIANAPOLIS–The Indianapolis Colts introduced their new backup quarterback Joe Flacco today. In a news conference, Flacco said he is excited to work with Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson.

“I think we all see what kind of athlete he is and what kind of arm he has and all those types of things. That’s why I said earlier, for me being here, it’s teaching him how to simplify, play fast and use those tools as opposed to trying to process certain things that you don’t really need to worry about and you go out there and you’re not even able to use your skillset the way you want to. You kind of slow yourself down a little bit. I think we see the athlete he is, the arm he has and the talent that he has. So as long as he can utilize those skills and play in a fast and efficient manner, then I think the sky is the limit,” said Flacco.

He also said Colts Head Coach Shane Steichen brings a lot to the table.

“Shane’s (Steichen) great. I think he does some pretty cool stuff offensively and gives a quarterback a really good chance to play his best football. So, that’s probably the most exciting thing about being here with him.”

When he looked over the Colts roster, Flacco said he liked what he saw.

“I do know that this was a team that was one game away from being a playoff team last year. I was sitting around watching the Colts play the Texans last year and I was like, ‘Alright, who do we want to win this game? What do we want?’ I didn’t really know. That’s what I know – I know that this is a team, from knowing Shane (Steichen) – they’re well coached and they have the ability to be a playoff team and really make a run at it.”

Flacco has won one Super Bowl (XLVII) and was also the Super Bowl MVP in that game. He was the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year last year with the Cleveland Browns. He helped lead the Browns to the playoffs where they eventually lost to the Houston Texans.

During that 2023 season, Flacco became the first player in NFL history to have 250 passing yards and multiple passing touchdowns in each of his first five games with a franchise. Flacco became the oldest player to win Comeback Player of the Year award since Jim Martin did it in 1963.

Richardson only played four games for the Colts last season. He had surgery to repair a shoulder sprain in 2023.

You can hear part of the news conference with Flacco from Friday below.