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Pound for pound, Americans are overweight. Both as a stereotype and in reality. Nearly 42% of adults in the U.S. are obese. Obesity-related medical treatments cost about $190.2 billion per year. Work absenteeism due to obesity costs around $4.3 billion annually.

Some places contribute more to this problem than others. WalletHub compared 100 of the biggest U.S. cities across 19 factors related to weight problems. These include things like how many adults don’t exercise and projected obesity rates for 2030.

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Indiana has 2 cities that showed up on the scale. Back in 2011, Evansville was voted as the most obese city in America. This year, the city doesn’t show up on the list. However, Hoosiers are still tipping the scales in these areas.

The Fattest Cities in the U.S.A. -Fort Wayne, IN

Overall Rank in WalletHub’s Fattest Cities in the U.S.: 23
Metro Area: Fort Wayne, IN
Total Score: 77.66
Obesity and Overweight Rank: 41
Health Consequences Rank: 18
Food and Fitness Rank: 14

The Fattest Cities in the U.S.A. -Indianapolis, Indiana

Overall Rank in WalletHub’s Fattest Cities in the U.S.: 43
Metro Area: Indianapolis, Indiana
Total Score: 73.33
Obesity and Overweight Rank: 45
Health Consequences Rank: 48
Food and Fitness Rank: 40