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HoopBus in Indy

Source: Ryan Hedrick / WIBC Radio

INDIANAPOLIS –Promoting love and unity through basketball is the goal of a HoopBus project. The organization started in Los Angeles with a 40-foot yellow school bus and has quickly grown to a fleet of 5 Hoopbuses across the country, continuing to bring basketball to communities and unexpected places, spreading the love of basketball.

“We have buses that are renovated from the exterior to the interior with basketball hoops on the front and backside,” said Josh Oglesby, a team member at HoopBus. “We do events with community centers, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and up to events hosted by the NBA.”

The HoopBus was one of the prominent attractions at the NBA Crossover event at the Indiana Convention Center.

“To be in a city that’s been so catalytic and compelling to the sport and advancing the love of the game is special,” added Oglesby. “We have so many people on our team who love the game of basketball. It has been fun.”

The NBA Crossover event is a multi-day interactive fan event that brings basketball culture to the. It starts on Friday and ends on Sunday.

“It’s been such a blast to be here,” he added. “We know Indiana has been the Mecca for this game we all love.”