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Supporting Sobriety Podcast With Matt Bair & Ryan Hedrick

Source: Supporting Sobriety

INDIANAPOLIS — A new podcast has been released that aims to support individuals who have loved ones struggling with addiction. The podcast is hosted by Matt Bair and Ryan Hedrick, both of whom work at WIBC Radio, and both have personally struggled with addiction in the past.

The first four episodes will cover navigating the physical, legal, and financial aspects of addiction, interventions, treatment, and how to avoid enabling.

“This podcast is a living amends, as they say. I’m an alcoholic, and I’ve put those who care the most through the absolute worst. I can’t think of a better way to say “thank you” and “I’m sorry” at the same time,” said Matt Bair.

In 2020, about 93,000 people died from drug overdoses in the US, made worse by COVID-19. Medical groups like the American Medical Association and the American Society of Addiction Medicine consider addiction a disease. If not treated, it can cause other health issues, both physical and mental, and get worse over time, becoming more severe and potentially deadly.

“This podcast is not a hobby; it’s a mission,” said Ryan Hedrick. “We want to help the very people that we put through hell in our active addiction. One of the big focuses will be on erasing the stigma of addiction. When society stigmatizes the recovering addict or alcoholic, it makes recovery that much harder. I am happy and grateful to partner with Matt for this project.”

The podcast’s mission is to provide hope to the unsung heroes behind those struggling with addiction…their friends and family. Matt and Ryan will share insights, stories, and resources to help listeners support their loved ones and care for themselves on the journey to recovery.

“It’s a surreal thing, this podcast. Drunk me would think an opportunity like this would be impossible. I truly believe that sober people helping the afflicted will find real solutions here if not another way to cope with the struggle of getting someone sober,” added Bair.

The link to listen to the podcast is here: Supporting Sobriety Podcast on Apple Podcasts