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East Palestine Ohio - Train Derailment

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

It’s been one year since the disastrous toxic train derailment occurred in East Palestine, Ohio and guess what? Biden has finally decided he will visit the community.

On February 3, 2023, a Norfolk Southern freight train derailed with 38 cars coming off the tracks, 11 of which were carrying toxic chemicals. The derailment sparked a large fire, which prompted emergency responders to breach five cars carrying vinyl chloride and initiate a controlled burn, sending toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Nearly 5,000 people were evacuated, but residents still reported concerning symptoms and harm done to animals.

Despite the devastation that the residents of East Palestine experienced, Biden gave a cold shoulder to the community and avoided making a trip to see how they were doing.

However now that it is an election year, it has been revealed that Biden will travel to East Palestine for the first time.

With the election being this year, it is clear to many that this is the reason Biden will finally go to Ohio border town.

Donald Trump, who visited East Palestine in the aftermath of the toxic train derailment, had some things to say on Truth Social about Biden’s upcoming trip and his unfortunate timing.

“With the World blowing up around us, with the Middle East on FIRE, Biden has finally decided to visit East Palestine, Ohio, a year late, and only to develop some political credibility because EVERYTHING else he has done has been such a DISASTER,” Trump wrote on Wednesday. “I know those great people, I was there when it counted, and his reception won’t be a warm one. Worst President in History!”