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Here we are in the last week of January. Did you vow to change your ways on New Year’s Eve? Did you make a resolution?

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Common new year’s resolutions include eating healthy, working out, drinking less, creating a budget, managing stress and spending more time with family. Sure, anyone can make a resolution. It’s keeping them where the work begins.

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Have you kept yours? Numerous reports state that 80% to 90% of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by February. However, a new survey reveals that many believe this year will be different. Hoosiers have tenacity.

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When asked “How long will you stick to your New Year’s resolutions?“, the average response from Indiana was the 8th April.

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Dates that each state give up on their new year resolutions:

Rank State Average Date to Give Up New Year’s Resolution
1 Oklahoma 9th February
2 Michigan 1st March
3 Missouri 4th March
4 Ohio 6th March
5 Virginia 8th March
6 Louisiana 9th March
7 West Virginia 10th March
8 Montana 11th March
T8 North Dakota 11th March
10 Iowa 12th March
T10 New York 12th March
12 Kentucky 13th March
13 Delaware 14th March
14 Wisconsin 16th March
15 Utah 17th March
16 Hawaii 18th March
17 Arkansas 19th March
18 Colorado 23rd March
T18 Tennessee 23rd March
T18 Rhode Island 23rd March
21 Nebraska 25th March
22 South Dakota 26th March
T22 Texas 26th March
T22 Idaho 26th March
25 Arizona 27th March
T25 South Carolina 27th March
T25 Connecticut 27th March
T25 Illinois 27th March
29 Alabama 28th March
30 Massachusetts 30th March
T30 Pennsylvania 30th March
T30 Kansas 30th March
33 Maine 31st March
34 Oregon 5th April
35 New Mexico 6th April
36 Indiana 8th April
37 California 14th April
38 New Hampshire 15th April
39 North Carolina 24th April
40 Maryland 26th April
T40 New Jersey 26th April
42 Florida 27th April
43 Mississippi 28th April
44 Washington 3rd May
45 Georgia 24th May
46 Nevada 28th May
47 Minnesota 30th May
48 Alaska N/A
49 Vermont N/A
50 Wyoming N/A asked 3,000 Americans how many weeks they were likely to stick to their resolutions. These responses were then combined, and a mean average date was found. What was your resolution and are you sticking with it?