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Each year, the Institute for Policy at Ball State University conducts a statewide survey to determine which issues are top priorities for Hoosiers. Ball State University recently released a set of results from its 2023 Hoosier Survey. This survey, conducted by the Bowen Center for Public Affairs, is an annual study that looks at the opinions of Indiana residents on various public policy issues.

President Biden Returns to the White House

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How do Hoosiers feel about Joe Biden according to the survey?

The latest results show that 57.8% of respondents disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance, while 32.8% approve, and 9.3% are unsure.  President Biden’s rating is consistent with national trends.

Purdue v Notre Dame

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How do Hoosiers feel about Eric Holcomb?

Regarding Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, 42.2% of respondents approve of his performance, 34.5% disapprove, and 23.3% are unsure. This represents a decrease in approval from the previous year. A significant number of respondents are unsure about the governor. This highlights a common trend where a sizable portion of the population is not familiar with state politics.

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The Hoosier Survey involved interviews with 600 Indiana adults, covering various demographics like gender, political party, age, education, and more. Consequently, respondents were asked about local, state, and national political issues, and their answers remain anonymous. The survey has been conducted since 2008, offering insights into Hoosiers’ opinions on different issues.

Accordingly, you can find all the results on the Bowen Center for Public Affairs website.

The Bowen Center honors the integrity and leadership of Dr. Otis R. Bowen, the 44 Governor of Indiana and the 16th Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Ronald Reagan.