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Mitchell Westerman

Source: Provided by Johnson County Sheriff’s Office / Mitchell Westerman

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — The man behind a Delphi murders case evidence leak was in court Thursday.

Mitchell Westerman has been charged with one count of conversion. He’s accused of walking into attorney Andrew Baldwin’s office and taking pictures of case evidence, then sending it to several people.

Westerman was an old friend and colleague of Baldwin’s and admitted to the crime when questioned by police.

Some of that evidence fell into the hands of YouTubers and podcasters. One man from Fishers received the leaked evidence and, in fear of being arrested, committed suicide in October of 2023.

This chain of events led to Westerman being arrested and Special Judge Fran Gull removing attorneys Baldwin and Brad Rozzi from the Delphi murders case. The men represented suspect Richard Allen, who wanted both men to stay on as his legal representation.

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Baldwin and Rozzi can rejoin the case, but they denied Allen’s requests to remove Judge Gull and for a speedy trial. The trial is supposed to begin October 15th.

Westerman’s pretrial conference is set for March 7th.