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It’s going to be a busy session at the Indiana State Capitol this year regarding your 2nd Amendment rights. There are two bills that Guy is keeping his eyes on that will help protect our right to self-defense with a firearm. 

IGA | Senate Bill 28 – Discriminatory financial services practices

Senate Bill 28 will protect Hoosiers from having their financial transactions denied through a “Social Credit Score” that has nothing to do with the financial risk of the transaction itself. 

Bill tracking in Indiana – HB 1235 (2024 legislative session) – FastDemocracy

House Bill 1235 will not allow political subdivisions to file lawsuits against a firearm or ammunition manufacturer, trade association, seller, or dealer. Runs along the same lines as the “pre-emption” doctrine, where only the state of Indiana can enforce gun regulation. Local municipalities shall not. 

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