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GOP Meeting Oct 19

Source: Tom Williams / Getty

WASHINGTON — Congress says they have a final deal on spending to avoid a government shutdown.

The deal is largely in keeping with Democratic demands, especially regarding nondefense discretionary spending which would be roughly around $704 billion. Defense spending would also be around $888 billion.

One Hoosier lawmaker says he will not support any budget deal moving forward without more concessions on border security and spending cuts.

‘We just passed the $34 trillion mark of our national debt,” said Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN-3rd). “I won’t vote for any continuing resolution or any bill that doesn’t actually cut spending. At the same time doesn’t place an emphasis on securing the southern border.

Rep. Jim Banks tells All Indiana Politics the ongoing crisis at the southern border is a national security issue and the single biggest problem facing Congress.

The House passed a comprehensive overhaul of the border early last year, but it has stalled in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Congress has until January 19th to pass the first batch of appropriations bills, then until February 2nd to avoid a government shutdown altogether.

The deal announced over the weekend doesn’t include anything on the border as the GOP and President Biden remain at odds over how it may tie into military aid for Ukraine and Israel.