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Jeffrey Epstein Mug Shot

Source: Kypros / Getty

NEW YORK, NY.-– Court filings from a lawsuit related to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking conspiracy case were unsealed Wednesday and list the names of roughly 150 people previously redacted from a suit against Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison on sex trafficking charges for helping Epstein sexually abuse teenage girls.

The names of several prominent figures appear in the unsealed documents, including: Former Presidents’ Clinton and Trump; along with Magician David Copperfield, Michael Jackson, Law professor Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and former French modeling agent, Jean Luc Brunel. Last month, Judge Preska ordered most of the material listed under the pseudonym “J.Doe” be released after January 1st.

The court issued an order early this week extending the anonymity of two of the Does.