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INDIANAPOLIS — New Year’s is a time to celebrate but is also not a time to be reckless with your gun. That’s the message from Indianapolis Metro Police who say they are once again reminding you not to fire your gun into the air as the clock hits midnight New Year’s Eve.

“The message is very clear,” said IMPD Officer William Young on WISH-TV. “We want folks to have a good time on New Year and firing firearms recklessly is certainly unacceptable and you can be arrested for it.”

That’s because bullets fired into the air must come down eventually and they can injure or even kill someone. It is a felony if you are caught recklessly firing your gun and that means jail time.

Young is also hopeful that they don’t have to be called to any incident of guns being fired at other people Sunday night.

“We also hope as we go into the new year people practice learning how to manage their conflicts, especially among our teenagers,” Young said. “We’ve seen a significant amount of youth violence throughout the year.”

Finally, Young is urging you to be careful driving, especially if you have a little bit to drink.

“We want you to use those ride-sharing apps,” Young said. “We want you to report any suspicious activity you may see. If you think that you’ve come across an impaired driver, dial 911 immediately.”