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Portage I-94 crash

Source: Indiana State Police / other

PORTAGE, Ind. — Two fishermen in northern Indiana found a man trapped in a car that had crashed in Portage on Tuesday.

State police say the men were walking along Salt Creek looking for fishing holes when they came across the wrecked car. Out of curiosity they looked inside and found the man. They originally thought he was dead.

“When one of the fishermen touched the occupant, he turned his head and began to speak to them,” said Sgt. Glen Fifield. “They immediately called 911 and requested help.”

Rescue workers came and were able to get Matthew Reum, 27, out of the pick-up and take him to a hospital. He’s in bad shape, say state troopers.

“During their extrication efforts, it was determined that the crash had more than likely occurred sometime around December 20th,” Fifield said.

They think the driver left the roadway along I-94 and missed a guardrail, resulting in the Dodge pick-up careening down an embankment and coming to rest under the I-94 bridge over Salt Creek.