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Christmas presents on a festive table

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STATEWIDE – Are you still desperately searching for a gift for that one individual who makes buying the “perfect” present seem nearly impossible?

Every family seems to have at least one person (looking at you, dad) who never asks for anything special around the holidays.  But, you may still want to see them unwrap something on Christmas morning.

So, if you are facing a gift-giving dilemma, consider checking out some of the unique items in this article.


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Gifts Made in Indiana:

Snow man cup cake

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Gifts for Foodies:

Old Books On Dark

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Gifts for Readers:

Vintage projector with projecting blank and reels of film.

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Gifts for Film Fans:

feet in warm knitted socks close-up Christmas at home

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Gifts for Being Cozy at Christmas:

Reindeer sleigh ride through the snowy in Lapland, Finland

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Gifts for Animal Lovers:

Two white candles and a bottle of cotton swabs are displayed on a black tray. A jar of scented candles is placed on the table with a black background. Candle advertisement with minimalist background.

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Experience-Based Gifts:

  • Penn & Beech Candle Co. – You can make your own candles here.
  • Color Me Mine – Paint and decorate your own ornaments, figurines, plates, mugs, and more.
  • A Day at Turkey Run – Spend time at the state park, and maybe even stay at the inn.
  • Hoosier Heights – Try your hand (or foot) at climbing rock walls at this facility.
  • The Cake Bake Shop – Make a reservation and enjoy a meal (and desserts) here.
Red and White heart shaped handle coffee cup with ornaments sitting on a wooden table in a Christmas scene

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