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United Auto Workers Expand Strike To Ford Truck Plant In Kentucky

Source: Michael Swensen / Getty

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) — General Motors and the United Auto Workers union have reached an agreement, according to a source familiar with the negotiations on Monday.

This tentative deal is stirring some excitement in Kokomo.

UAW workers there have been spared from striking this time around.

“We’re obviously excited. I mean there were concerns with those here in Kokomo that were affected by the layoffs,” Kokomo Mayor Tyler Moore said.

For more than 40 days since the UAW strikes began, people in Kokomo have held their breath, waiting for Ford, Stellantis, and General Motors to strike a deal with the union.

“Having both sides come to a resolution and now waiting to have that ratified does put a lot of those in our community’s minds at ease. It gives them a little more reassurance,” Moore said.

As of last week, Stellantis had laid off more than 800 workers in Kokomo due to the strikes.

Moore says with the tentative agreement, this could change.

“Knowing that originally those layoffs were labeled as temporary and knowing that the long-standing relationship professionally at Stellantis, formerly Chrysler and the UAW have had here locally that were confident that they would reach an agreement soon,” he said.

All three automakers are looking at pay raises and improved benefits.

Moore says this new deal is good news, especially around the holidays.

Overall, Moore says he is hopeful for the future of Stellantis and its relationship with the local workers.

“It allows them to continue to succeed not just on the existing plants, but on the two battery plants, which they’re partnered with Samsung SDI and StarPlus Energy to keep Kokomo on the forefront of the changing automotive industry.”

News 8 reached out to local UAW members for comments, but they’re not able to speak with us at this time.