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Hogsett vs Shreve debate

Source: FOX 59

INDIANAPOLIS–For the third time in October, there was a debate between Democrat Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett and his Republican challenger Jefferson Shreve. This time the debate was hosted by Fox 59 Thursday night.

Both of them promised to put more IMPD officers on the streets of Indianapolis. The subject of the 2020 summer riots came up again, just as it did Monday night on WISH-TV.

Hogsett said the police were never ordered to stand aside.

“Were orders given to stand back and give the protestors some room? I believe they were. I think for the time being helped the situation,” said Hogsett.

Shreve countered by saying just by those officers being forced to stand aside, that was something that hurt their morale and has had a lasting negative effect for the last few years.

“A Mayor Shreve would be on the scene,” he said.

Keeping police officers on the force

Shreve says the problem in Indianapolis is not a fiscal one, but one of low morale.

“The IMPD is losing veteran talent to departments on the periphery of Indianapolis and beyond,” said Shreve.

Hogsett says a new collective bargaining agreement is coming soon, though, that will be favorable.

“We have the largest budget in the history of Indianapolis provided to IMPD. I’m proud of that,” said Hogsett. He also mentioned that officers are making more money when they start out on the force than they did when he first took over as mayor.

The Mayor’s Role in the Judicial System

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter has been critical of the judicial system in Marion County, saying there’s been a revolving door of criminals that have gotten back out onto the street right after being arrested. Hogsett says there’s very little the mayor can do from a judicial standpoint.

“I have immense respect for Carter, but much of what individuals find wrong with the system are prosecutorial and judicial in nature, which cannot be from the mayor’s office,” said Hogsett.

Shreve doesn’t see it that way.

“I think it’s a cop out for any mayor to say these other elements are beyond my control. The mayor should use his mouthpiece to communicate and talk with prosecutors and judiciary, make sure they are working together. If it relates to the safety, it will be his responsibility,” said Shreve.

Both candidates also discussed housing, homeless, and economic development among other things. You can listen to the entire debate below.