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Mike Pence at a Summit in Indianapolis


NEW YORK — Former Vice President and governor Mike Pence is calling on American leaders in both parties to speak with one voice. Pence appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday.


“If the world knows nothing else, the world needs to know this: America stands with Israel. What happened two weeks ago was the most brutal assault on the Jewish people since the Holocaust,” he said. “And we need to stand with Israel as they prepare to do what needs to be done, which will require a ground invasion.”


The White House is asking Israel to hold off on a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip while it works to free hostages held by Palestinian militants. Pence says the only way for Israel’s conflict with Palestine is to destroy Hamas forever.


“But I believe this is a moment where American clarity and leadership is more important than ever. And – and – and before you get to the aid question, I also think, look, President Biden said the other night, “This is what happens when dictators are not held to account.” Kristen, it’s also what happens after a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. It’s also what happens after two years of appeasement by President Biden with Iran.”


Israel’s military again urges Palestinian civilians to leave northern Gaza to avoid being caught up in the expected fighting.