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Source: Marcus Yam / Getty

TEL AVIV, Israel. — Israel is at war with Hamas after weekend attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers by Hamas claimed hundreds of lives.

So far the death count between Israelis and Palestinians is well over 1,500 people. Eitan Goldstein was born in and grew up in Indianapolis. He now lives in Tel Aviv and used to work for Israel’s Defense Forces.

“Disgust, anger, fury. Words can’t describe that sinking feeling,” Goldstein said on WISH-TV, describing what it’s like for him to hear air raid sirens going off as Hamas continues rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel.

Israeli forces have been returning fire in like manner. Even with that return fire, Goldstein anticipates it will be a long road ahead for both sides. Especially for Israel which is trying to target Hamas militants within Gaza. The problem is that Hamas has entrenched themselves among the civilian population in Gaza.

“Nobody in Israel wants Palestinian kids to die,” Goldstein said. “Nobody in Israel wants civilians to die. It doesn’t matter who they are, what they do, or what their beliefs are.”

Goldstein tried getting his old job back working in intelligence for the IDF as a translator, but he said the call to action in Israel has been so great that all positions available to help in the war effort have been filled.

He is still helping however he can though. He runs a WhatsApp platform where he tracks down messages from known enemies of Israel and translates what they are posting. He then sends that information to the IDF.

Goldstein said Israel’s response to the attacks from Hamas is just.

“When infants are beheaded, when women are kidnapped and raped you know there has to be some sort of response and that response has to be harsh,” said Goldstein.

He said he has a couple of family friends who were either killed or kidnapped and taken to Gaza in the last week.

President Biden confirmed on Tuesday that there are Americans among the hostages taken by Hamas. The president reaffirmed U.S. support for Israel and said his administration is working to surge additional military assistance to the country.