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former House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Kevin McCarthy has been ousted as speaker of the House of Representatives after Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz’s motion to vacate the speaker’s chair proved successful in a vote on Tuesday.

McCarthy’s 269 day reign as speaker came to an end with a 216 to 210 vote. Matt Gaetz led a group of eight Republicans who voted to remove the speaker. Gaetz’s motion to vacate came after McCarthy worked with Democrats to avoid a government shutdown, passing a resolution funding the government for about seven more weeks, which would delay a potential shutdown until Nov. 17.

McCarthy initially made a deal with the party’s Hardline faction to get the speaker’s gavel in January. Gaetz said he went back on his word.

“It’s the benefit of this country that we have a better Speaker of the House than Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy couldn’t keep his word. He made an agreement in January regarding the way Washington would work and he violated that agreement,” said Gaetz.

With the seat now being vacant, there is speculation on who will become Speaker of the House. Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan and Kevin Hern are just a few potential candidates who are rumored to be considering a run.