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Representative Matt Gaetz was successful in ousting Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy. What is the plan going forward?

Representative Patrick McHenry is serving as the temporary speaker because he was at the top of McCarthy’s secret list of successors.

Words were exchanged like a heavyweight champion letting his anger out on a punching bag after Gaetz successfully removed the Speaker. Gaetz bashed McHenry for purportedly dismissing the lower chamber until next Tuesday when they will host a candidate forum.

McCarthy pulled no punches when asked about Gaetz, the man behind this historic removal, claiming he knows “it was personal.”

The former Speaker continued throwing haymakers as he addressed the Republicans who voted him out.

“They voted against one of the greatest cuts in history … They voted against border security,” McCarthy lectured during a brief speech. “They don’t get to see and they’re conservative because they’re angry, and they’re chaotic.”

“They’re not conservatives, and they don’t get to call themselves conservatives.”

Kevin McCarthy expressed fear that the institution of Congress “fell today” and he blamed the Democrats and eight House Republicans who voted to remove him as speaker.

“I think today was a political decision by the Democrats,” McCarthy told reporters Tuesday.

Despite being removed as Speaker of the House, McCarthy is standing firm on his decisions.

“I don’t regret standing up for choosing governance over grievance,” the California Republican said Tuesday night. “It is my responsibility. It is my job. I do not regret negotiating. Our government is designed to find compromise.”

“I don’t regret my efforts to build coalitions and find solutions. I was raised to solve problems, not create them,” he added.

“My goals have not changed. My ability to fight is just in a different form.”

The former speaker revealed that he will not run for the speakership again and may consider resigning from Congress altogether.

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