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Source: WIBC

INDIANAPOLIS–Republican candidate for Indianapolis Mayor Jefferson Shreve says if he is elected, he would donate his salary to Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) .

In a news conference Tuesday at the new site for the proposed IACS shelter at N. Sherman Dr. and E. Michigan St, Shreve said current Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett promised that there would be a new shelter complete by this year, but there has been “no meaningful progress” on the selected site.

“I’ve been a supporter of animal welfare organizations, including IACS, for decades. In early August, I told the press I would make it a mayoral priority to better fund IACS. A few weeks ago, I visited the shelter again to see for myself the current conditions. I was shocked. Despite the valiant efforts of workers and volunteers, the shelter is in dire condition.”

Caring for animals is a passion of Shreve’s because he and his wife, Mary, have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to animal welfare organizations during the last decade including Friends of Indianapolis Animals — the charitable organization of IACS — Rosie’s Southside Animal Shelter, Friends of Indianapolis Animals Outdoors (FIDO) the ASPCA and other domestic animal causes.

In addition to donating his salary, Shreve also promised that he would do the following:

-He would work towards a no-kill shelter.

-Build a new shelter.

-Raise IACS salaries and hire additional veterinarians.

-Create an animal advisory commission.

On Monday, Hogsett said he’s trying to find ways to increase staff and expand adoption policies. His staff also said funding for the facility is on track, with the $19 million bond approved by the City-County Council.