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Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett

Source: (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

INDIANAPOLIS — Mayor Joe Hogsett announced his ambitious plan for the city’s operating budget. The proposed budget of more than $1.5 billion is the largest in the city’s history and reflects a 6.7% increase from the previous year.


Residents discussed the possibility of the council passing a living wage increase and what it would mean for them.


“As I speak tonight, there is staff that work for you that barely makes $13 an hour,” said Eddie Hager. “USA Today did a study on three cities throughout the United States, and Indianapolis was one of those cities in 2017, $19 an hour wage was a living wage, minimum.”



One of the most significant highlights of this budget was the continued investment in the city’s infrastructure. Indianapolis aimed to build on its five-year capital plan, focusing on improving roads, bridges, sidewalks, trails, bike lanes, and drainage systems. Instead of the initial $1.1 billion, they allocated $1.2 billion to these essential projects.


The council has scheduled a final vote on the budget in two weeks.