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WASHINGTON – In what might seem like a surprising turn of events, lawmakers have reached a temporary agreement that will prevent the U.S. Government from shutting down…for now.

With only hours to spare before their deadline, members of Congress agreed on a 45-day stopgap deal.  As this likely implies, coming to an agreement was not a smooth process.

In fact, police believe New York Representative Jamaal Bowman actually pulled a fire alarm, causing the evacuation of an office building and adding to the confusion of the moment.

His Chief of Staff later said that Bowman had not meant to “trigger a building alarm.”

All of this aside, though, the current deal guarantees essential funding, but does not allow for additional money to go to Ukraine.

Bipartisan support was needed to keep the federal government operating, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy found himself at ongoing odds with many members of the Republican Party.

Senator Mike Braun and other Hoosier leaders had been expressing concern about the impending shutdown, with Braun telling WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel that career politicians would actually benefit from it.

88 Senators voted in favor of the measure, as well as 335 Congresspeople.  Now, all that remains is to see if another deal will be reached by November.