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With much fanfare, the Biden administration announced yesterday the new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention. Vice President Kamala Harris stated in her social media post that “living free from gun violence should be a right”. As 2nd Amendment rights attorney Guy Relford explains this right already exists. No one is legally able to commit violence on an innocent person. 2nd Amendment rights can coexist with the right to living free from violence.

My 2nd Amendment right gives me no right to hurt you, outside the context of lawful and justified self-defense.

Considering Harris’ lack of success as our ‘Border Czar’ many conservatives have scoffed at the Vice President’s ability to do much against our 2nd amendment rights. But what can this office do? It can’t pass new laws, only Congress can do that. What will it do? They’re going to go to the ATF, they’re going to go to the FBI and say “Do whatever you have to do to deny every possible person a background check when trying to buy a gun.” Guy has already seen this occur even before the creation of this office. Listen here:

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