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United Auto Workers Expand Strike, But Says Progress is Being Made with Ford

DETROIT, MI.–The United Auto Workers Union is expanding its strike against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. Strikes are now planned for 38 General Motors and Stellantis plants in 20 states.

Fort Wayne’s GM Assembly plant is not one of the facilities included in the strike for now. Neither is the Stellantis plant in Kokomo, Indiana.

In an announcement on social media Friday morning, UAW President Shawn Fain said his union gave their demands to those three automakers two months ago, but they waited too long to get serious about negotiations.

Fain says they’ve made progress with Ford, but none with GM and Stellantis. Ford has agreed to reinstate a cost-of-living allowance that was suspended in 2009. Ford has also agreed to grant workers the right to strike over plant closures. That means that, in the event of a layoff, workers can expect income security for up to 2 years with healthcare. That applies to all employees with 90 days of service for temporary workers. Ford also agreed to enhance profit sharing.

“We’re expecting a stand-up strike in response to the lack of progress in bargaining with General Motors and Stellantis. We will shut down parts and distribution until those two companies come to their senses and come to the table with a serious offer,” said Fain.

Even with Ford, Fain said there is “still work to be done.”

The UAW also represents workers at a GM engine plant in Defiance, Ohio and a stamping plant in Marion, Indiana.

Union workers say they want a 40 percent pay increase, cost of living adjustments, and pensions for all workers.

Stellantis announced Wednesday that it could lay off hundreds of workers in Ohio and Kokomo, Indiana as a result of the UAW strike at its Toledo Assembly Complex.