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Nothing says ‘I’m a respectable leader in the free world’ like wearing sweats on the Senate floor.

The US Senate has dropped its dress code requirement for members of the upper house. The move is suggested to specially appease Democratic Sen. John Fetterman.

Senators will now be allowed to wear whatever they want, even on the floor. However, any other staff member or visitor entering the chamber must comply with the code of conduct which includes coats and ties and/or business attire.

Previously, Sen. Fetterman has avoided the legislative body’s dress code by voting from the doorway of the side entrance. This way his votes could be recorded, but he could also wear his hoodie…

Conservatives like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene say this kind of behavior lacks the professionalism that is needed in DC.

“Dress code is one of society’s standards that set etiquette and respect for our institutions. Stop lowering the bar!”

Others gave more subtle reactions, like Sen. Chuck Schumer telling the Axios, “Senators are able to choose what they wear on the Senate floor. I will continue to wear a suit.”

Let’s leave the gym shorts and hoodies to Adam Sandler, and put on some big boy clothes, Senator. You are an elected official, the least you could do is respect your voters by showing up in professional attire at work.