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Todd Young

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DERNA, Libya — Hoosier Senator Todd Young and Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy released a joint statement regarding humanitarian efforts in Libya, which has recently been impacted by storms and flooding.

In their statement, they said, “In Derna, we are particularly concerned by the failure of critical infrastructure that has challenged both the rescue and recovery efforts.”


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Thousands in Derna were killed earlier this week, after Storm Daniel and dam failures caused flooding in the city.  At this time, about 10,000 people may have died, and thousands more are still missing.

While Libya is certainly not the only country to have been impacted by recent storms, factors such as poor infrastructure and civil unrest could be adding to the challenges faced by its people.

Also in their statement, Young and Murphy said:

We are heartened by early reports of humanitarian aid deliveries from Tripoli to eastern Libya, and support the emergency funding provided by the United States to relief organizations working on the ground… We oppose any effort to restrict or politicize the delivery of aid to Libyans who desperately need support.


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Internally, eastern leader Khalifa Haftar and the Libyan National Army have made efforts to take over Tripoli, the capital city.

The Libyan government is currently led by Prime Minister Abdul Hamid al-Dbeibeh, and Chairman of the Presidential Council Mohamed al-Menfi.

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Turkish rescue teams of AFAD in flood affected areas of Libya

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