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Traffic camera footage of a fatal crash on I-70

Source: INDOT / other

INDIANAPOLIS — A person was killed Monday morning in a crash on the west side of Indianapolis.

State Police Sergeant John Perrine said it was caused by a series of unfortunate events.

“A vehicle on the westbound side of I-70 lost the rear driver side tire. It came off the vehicle while they were driving. That tire went over the center median wall and hit a small SUV. That SUV then left the road, went down a ditch, and went off the road about 300 yards and ends in up in a neighborhood down on the city streets,” said Perrine.

The SUV took out some trees and a fence, but did not hurt anybody else.

The driver of the vehicle that was hit by the tire was the one who died at the scene.

Police have the car that lost the tire and consider the investigation ongoing.

You can hear the interview with Perrine below.