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Age, term limits and retirement have been brought to the forefront as 60% of registered voters indicated in a Wall Street Journal poll that they do not consider Joe Biden “mentally up for the job” of being president. Nearly three-fourths of respondents, 73%, said they think Biden is too old to run for president. US presidential hopeful, Nikki Haley has called for term limits.

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Source: Rockaa / GettyGallup polls show a notable shift in retirement age. The older workforce is not exclusive to elected officials. The average planned retirement age has risen to 66 in 2023, compared to 60 in 1995. This reflects growing financial concerns. When will you retire? And… where?

After years of hard work, many Americans expect a secure retirement. However, according to the 2023 Retirement Confidence Survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, only 27% feel “very confident” about retiring comfortably. 64% are merely “somewhat confident” about it. To ensure a comfortable retirement, some consider working longer or relocating to a retirement-friendly city.

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If you don’t want to work forever, an option is moving to a city with a lower cost of living while maintaining a high quality of life. However, retirement isn’t just about money; retirees also seek safety, healthcare access, leisure opportunities, and good weather.

WalletHub analyzed over 180 U.S. cities across 45 key metrics. The metrics considered are living costs, retiree tax benefits, and healthcare facilities. Out of 180 cities, Indianapolis ranked at #140. Indy received bad marks for “quality of life” and “activities”.

Best & Worst Cities for Retirement

Best Cities to Retire Worst Cities to Retire
1. Tampa, FL 173. Baltimore, MD
2. Scottsdale, AZ 174. Vancouver, WA
3. Fort Lauderdale, FL 175. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
4. Orlando, FL 176. Wichita, KS
5. Miami, FL 177. Bridgeport, CT
6. Casper, WY 178. Detroit, MI
7. Denver, CO 179. San Bernardino, CA
8. Cincinnati, OH 180. Bakersfield, CA
9. Charleston, SC 181. Newark, NJ
10. Atlanta, GA 182. Stockton, CA