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There was a robbery at Gen Con on August 1. Two men from New York stole nearly $300,000 worth of gaming cards.

The two men simply, rolled them out of the building on a pallet. The theft happened before the convention started, while vendors were setting up displays at various times.

About a week and a half later, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department wanted to speak to Thomas Dunbar and Andrew Pearson Giaume. Both men were from New York and described as “strong persons of interest” by police.

Charges are expected to be filed by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. Investigators are still working to piece together all of the details of the theft. We still do not know if anyone has been arrested.

The IMPD has requested the help of New York State Police with the confiscating of the cards. They are currently in the process of returning the cards to Indianapolis.

If the IMPD is capable of finding gaming cards that ended up in New York, then why can the White House not figure out who brought cocaine into the White House?

It was more than likely Hunter Biden, who was living at the White House when the cocaine was found, they just do not want that information to get out.

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