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Vivek Ramaswamy did an interview with The Atlantic where he stepped in it. Now, he is trying to clean up his statement.

His comment doubted the origins of the 9/11 attack. Ramaswamy is a candidate in the Republican Primary election. He had been trending up in the polls before the interview was released. He claims The Atlantic misquoted him and that he was referring to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol and not the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks when he spoke of the involvement of federal agents.

“The truth is there are lies the government has told about 9/11, but it’s not the ones that somebody put in my mouth,” he said during an interview Monday evening with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

Here is the quote that has Ramaswamy scrambling, “I think it is legitimate to say, ‘How many police, how many federal agents were on the planes that hit the Twin Towers?’ Like, I think we want — maybe the answer is zero, probably is zero for all I know, right? I have no reason to think it was anything other than zero. But if we’re doing a comprehensive assessment of what happened on 9/11, we have a 9/11 commission, absolutely that should be an answer the public knows the answer to.”

The interview was published on Monday. Since Ramaswamy has come out and said he was misquoted, The Atlantic has responded saying he was quoted correctly. They then released the taped interview to prove they had quoted him properly.

A spokesperson for Ramaswamy’s campaign told The Hill his discussion with Hendrickson was a “free-flowing conversation,” and they are not blaming Hendrickson, but his questions were about Jan. 6 and not 9/11.

Ramaswamy is probably going to have to address this during the debate tonight.

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