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Puget Sound

Source: 400tmax / Getty

MIAMI, Fla. — You may remember hearing about efforts to release the whale Lolita, or Toki, from the Seaquarium in Miami.

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay contributed millions to support her eventual transfer from the attraction.  The non-profit Friends of Toki and the Dolphin Company were hoping to relocate her to a sanctuary by next year.

Unfortunately, the orca whale will not get to see this freedom.  The Seaquarium said Friday that she has died, possibly due to a kidney problem.

Irsay Tweeted, “I was honored to be part of the team working to return her to her indigenous home, and I take solace in knowing that we significantly improved her living conditions this past year.”

Toki had been at the attraction since 1970.  Advocates were hoping to help her reach her native Puget Sound once more.