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U.S. Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) questions Chris Magnus as he appears before a United States Senate Committee on Finance hearing to consider his nomination to be Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection on October 19, 2021 in Washington, DC. The hearing for Magnus’s confirmation comes after it was delayed for several months by Chairman Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), who called on the Department of Homeland Security to release documents related to the involvement of DHS in the street protests in Portland, Oregon. (Photo by Rod Lamkey-Pool/Getty Images)

Source: (Photo by Rod Lamkey-Pool/Getty Images)

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The U.S. Senate is on a legislative break at the moment, which allows senators to return to their respective states to meet with constituents.

Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) has been making many visits to various organizations over the last few weeks. One of those visits was on Thursday in South Bend where he spoke to a conference of realtors about some of his proposed legislation to create more affordable housing for Americans.

“A lot of businesses that are growing can’t grow because they can’t get enough people to locate in this area to take the jobs that are available,” Young said. “We want to remedy that problem right around here and across the state of Indiana.”

Realtors are especially concerned about a lack of affordable housing given GM’s latest investment in a new EV battery plant in New Carlisle. The concern is that many of the workers that might move to Indiana to take a job at that plant may choose to live in Michigan and commute across the state line.

Young said he has one bill in the works that would benefit both people moving and people who already live in areas where people can move to.

“I think there’s the most excitement about the neighborhood homes investment act,” Young said. “It allows owner occupants or other investors to acquire old homes that need a little work, fix them up, and then they receive a tax credit so they can make a modest profit on selling them on the market.”

Young said this would help accommodate people looking to move by increasing the number of quality homes available. He added that middle-income America is struggling to find better places to move and that Congress needs to act.